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  • Every day, we discover 40 billion spammy pages! This post explains how we used innovation, AI, and more in 2020 to keep that spam away from your search results.
  • Last November we announced that the page experience ranking change will go live on Google Search this year, in what we’re calling the "page experience update". To help publishers and site owners improve their page experience and prepare, today we’re announcing a few key updates.
  • Feedburner is making several upcoming changes to support the product's next chapter. This post describes what you can expect to change and what you can do now to ensure you’re prepared.
  • The new series Sustainable Monetized Websites is now available on the Search Central and the Google AdSense YouTube channels. This series focuses on the best practices for people who create or manage content online and monetize it, acknowledging how challenging this can be and assisting them with resources and focus areas.
  • As we’ve been continuously working to improve support for website owners in more language markets, we’re very excited to announce the opening of our Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Thai Search Central Help Communities with support from a global team of community managers that are dedicated to helping Product Experts.

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